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You may browse the pages freely without registration. Registration is only required when you wish to order photographs. You may register in the archive by filling the registration form. Registration is free, but a valid e-mail address is required to receive the password. The information provided by you will not be given to third parties.

To register, simply fill the empty fields on the registration form. The spaces marked by “*” are mandatory. The first field is for the username of your choice. When you are finished filling in the required information, please accept them by pressing the “OK” button. The information will be printed on a confirmation sheet, where you can check them. In case you need to correct something, press the button “change”. When finished, press the “confirm” button. Your password to the archive will be sent to the address you gave in the form.

You may change your password in the page "user info” There you may also change your contact information.


You can access the photo archive from the login page. Enter your user name and password in the fields. Press “OK button. If your login was successful, you will be directed to the front page of the archives. If the login failed, please re-check your user name and password.

If you forget your user name or password, please follow the link at the bottom of the screen. Then enter the e-mail address you gave at registration and you will be sent your user name and password.

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The photographs in the archives have been divided to categories and subcategories. All the main categories are shown at the front page. Pressing the title or the folder icon of the category takes you to the subcategories.

The subcategories page you can see the names, folder icons and the numbers of photographs in the folders. Pressing the subcategory lets you browse the thumbnail photos. Clicking the thumbnails takes you to the previews.

The thumbnail view lets you choose how many thumbnails will be shown on the screen. The default is 16 photos.

The arrows and page numbers below the choice of number of thumbnails let you browse different pages of photos.

You can move from a preview photo to another by pressing the navigation bar above the photo.

You can navigate in the archives by using the path shown in the upper left corner of the archive window. The names of the categories and their subcategories are displayed, and they work as links to them.

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The shopping cart is available even if you haven’t registered or logged in to the archives. Logging in is required for issuing an order, though.

You can add photographs in your shopping cart by pressing the icon in the preview page. Before the photo is added in the cart, you need to state the purpose of use. You can do this by selecting the appropriate information from the drop-down menus. The price is determined by the medium of use, the size of the circulation and the size of the photograph in the product. The price is shown in the lower left corner of the window and it changes according to information given by you.

When you have stated the use, please press the “add to cart” button, and the photograph will be added to the cart.

You may change the contents of the shopping cart. You may change the purpose of use, remove photos from the cart and empty the cart entirely. You can access the cart form the link in the menu bar at the top of the window. The contents of the shopping cart are preserved as long as you have your internet browser programme running.

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When ordering photographs, the client commits him/herself to conform to the rights of publication determined by Rapid River Ky.

To issue the order for the photos in the shopping cart, press the “proceed” button. In case you haven’t logged in yet, you will be directed to the login page.

On the next screen you will see the client data, photographs to be ordered, the purposes of their use, the total value and the VAT. Below is the selection box, where you can choose the method of distribution. There is also a field for free text, where you can write additional information and requests concerning the order.

The invoice for the order will be mailed to the payer.

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There are three methods of distribution:


The ordered photos will be saved on a CD and mailed to the customer. The charge is 15 euros per disk.

Download from the server:

We send the customer a code, password and an internet address, where the photos can be downloaded from.


We mail the original slides to the customer.

We save the digital photos in TIFF format, RGP colors and 300 dpi resolution. If you have wishes for the format, size etc. please write them in the text field on the order screen.

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