Pictures from Oulu and Northern Ostrobothnia amplify the message
Order a opening video for your congress
A nature blackboard soothens
Pictures from Oulu and Northern Ostrobothnia amplify the message
Order a opening video for your congress
A nature blackboard soothens
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Pictures and videos for sale on Rapid River can be found in the various galleries in the GALLERIES menu. (Photos by Tauno Kohonen)

Images have been purchased from galleries for use by Finnish nature, Finnish companies and the media. Images are screen images at low (varying) resolution. Videos are in Full HD or 4K resolution. Old photos, especially nature photos, retain their value despite the change.

The pictures are taken from Northern Finland, Lapland, Ostrobothnia and Eastern Finland from the Saimaa region.

Archival images are still available, although we always take new digital images to meet today’s requirements for all customers. An example is real estate photography, which also includes drone photography.

Photography clients

Finnair | Metsähallitus | StoraEnso | M-Real | Rautaruukki | Suomen Metsäteollisuus Ry | Ulkoasiainministeriö
Outokumpu Oyj | Intersport | Kesko | MEK | Holiday Club | Kuusamon kaupunki | Rukakeskus Oy | Rukapalvelu Oy | Pölkky Oy Oulun kaupunki | Oulun yliopisto | Sampo | Osuuspankki/OKO | Sato-rakennuttajat Oy | Burde kustannus Oy | Ajasto Oy Kemi-Tornio alueen kehittämiskeskus | Bothnia Arc yhdistys | Sanoma Media Oy | Eri kiinteistövälitysyrityksiä
Yleisradio Oy | Suomen ympäristökeskus SYKE | Viestelehdet Oy | Oura Health Oy | Halti


Rapid River has made 19 on-demand photographic works or published a number of works of his own for gifting to companies, communities and homes. The latest photo release is Puhdas vesi, which was completed in 2017 KITKAJOKI Kitkajärvi.

Oulu – 400 years International City -photobook was completed for the 400th anniversary of Oulu. It depicted Oulu with stylish panoramic images.

Light in the wilderness, Valon Virta ja Tunnelmia luonnossa tell about nature. Selected as one of the most beautiful books of the year, Light in the Wilderness has subtitles in eight languages (Finnish, English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese).

The Northern Light is a book presenting the landscapes, livelihoods and culture of the province in Finnish and English.

All books in the Photo Books section may be updated and reprinted on request, provided the number of books ordered corresponds to the printing cost.

Perämeren kohdekirja – kuvateos Perämeren venesatamista

Published photobooks

Puhdas vesi KITKAJOKI Kitkajärvi – Rapid River | Oulu 400 vuotta – Minerva | Valoa erämaassa 1. painos – Rapid river
Valoa erämaassa 2. painos – Rapid River | Valoa erämaassa 3. painos – Rapid River | Valon Virta – WSOY
Tunnelmia luonnossa – Pohjois-Suomen terveydenhuollon tukisäätiö | Pohjoinen Valo – Pohjois-Pohjanmaan liitto
Lumijoki – Lumijoen kunta | Kuusamo yrittää yhdessä – Kuusamon kunta | Hullu kukko ja Sortavalan majuri – Kaleva Oy
Meren tuuli – Minerva | Meri-Lappi – Mäntykustannus Oy | Nivala – kirjeitä Nivalasta – Nivalan kunta
Perämeren Kohdekirja, veneilysatamat – Metsähallitus ja Skellefteå kommun


Rapid River offers boards from an extensive image archive. Public spaces are suitable for nature-related images and company-specific images that require expert image processing. Sample images for whiteboards or large-sized wall art can be found in the Gallery folders on the menu. Nature and the countryside have been photographed throughout Finland; Northern Ostrobothnia, Kuusamo, Lapland, Sea-Lapland, Bothnian Bay and Ostrobothnia, as well as the Heinävesi and Saimaa waterways.

Rapid River pictures have been made into wall-sized boards for interior use. An example is the interior design of Oura Heath Oy’s Oulu office. We offer companies and communities a wide selection of pictures in Northern Finland in collaboration with various photo producers and Oulu-based STUDIO FORMO and Fair Share Scandinavia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
Rokua Health & Spa Hotel Oy
Oura Health Oy

Oura Health -boards

We make exhibition photos for the walls of the business premises. They can be, primed and framed in different ways and at different prices and sizes We can also make pictures and roll-up stands for fairs, seminars or events. We use inexpensive manufacturers from both local and international photo manufacturers. In addition, we can make spectacular videos for the fairs.


An example is Tauno Kohonen’s Light in the Wilderness international photo exhibition tour from Finland to abroad. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ordered the exhibition, and it toured on four continents for four years. With the same name, a nature photography book has been made in eight languages.

Light in the Wilderness  (Valoa erämaassa) photo display tour

Tauno Kohonen

Tauno Kohonen has been selected as Finland’s Photographer of the Year 2001. The choice was made by audiovisual producers. It was based on Kohonen’s photographs and internationally awarded audiovisual programs. New awards have come in 2018 and 2019 for the Light in the Wilderness TV movie, which has been shown several times on Yle TV1-channel by the name Kitkajoki.

Tauno Kohonen is the CEO and photographer of Rapid River. He has a degree in social and economic studies and has worked for the municipal administration in areas such as budgeting, financial planning, PR and tourism marketing.

Beginning as a student, the photography hobby became professional in 1991 after the founding of Rapid River. Kohonen specializes in communication campaigns. The material described is produced at the same time as print products, web pages, web publications and videos.

Kohonen’s photography is clearly aimed at harmony of the image. Kohonen’s favorite hobby and work is nature and its video and photography. Photography trips abroad go to Russia in the middle of Siberian nature or the Himalayas to the snow-capped mountains.

Rapid River works are by Tauno Kohonen. More specific details